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A Romantic Situation !!!

I got the call from my Project manager. Yes..!!!, Of course it was my onsite opportunity for Germany that was knocking my door.
"It’s for a period of six months tentatively" said my boss."I will send you a mail kindly refer to that and come meet me".
"Sure done", I replied happily with all my anxiety to see the mail.
As I was riding through the entire mail, was happy about all the checkpoints, "My location", "My job assigned", "My living place".
I had a broader smile to summarize, "this is perfectly what I was expecting!”
All of a sudden something crashed me, it was the date. It read, "Feb.16 2010". To my first shock it was just a week away.
When I was thinking how to manage the entire arrangement within a week, the second shock stroked me.
It was the date again, "Feb. 16 2010". It was my SweetHeart's entry on earth. Yes..., it was the birth date of my wife.
I got married to her five months back. Yes..!!!! "Ours was a love come arranged."
She was the best thing tat had ever happened to me and she Understands me well at all times. I patted and said to myself,
“Come on she was quite practical she will know your situation". I reached home late a little late than usual that night.
I had brought chocolates and sweets for my family to share the happy news. My Mom was happy to hear at that and so did the entire family, except for my only love.
I don't know how to convince her. I just started with, "I have already told you this might happen, even before we married".
She wept, "You never said that this would happen before we loved". And she continued "I can't be normal without you".
I tried to convince her, "It’s just a matter of Three months bubbly, I will be back soon". I took an hour for me to convince her. That day in our bed room, she asked me the date of my journey. I realized that I had missed to say the most danger part of the News.
It replied tentatively, "It’s on Feb. 16 2010". The day ended where she went and slept with my mom, which she normally does when she is angry with me and my mom never asks a word about that.

I was busy the entire week preparing for the journey in morning and convincing my wife in the evening.

She wailed to me, "You lied. You said u will never leave me. But not even 6 months are over and already u r going away".
I had no words for so i maintained my silence. On the day before my journey, I returned home very late.
I had already called her at twelve to wish her, "Happy birthday!”

I got home at 1:00 am with chocolates and flower bouquets which she received with a smile that killed me and said formal thanks.
I said, "I am really sorry Honey and I really mean it".
She hugged me tighty and slept with her arms around me. I knew she was hurting like hell .There was nothing i could say tat could convince her.

"FEB 16 2010", the day on which I hoped that everything should go fine and the day my wife wished never to come. We had a cake cutting ceremony for her in the evening, she accepted every ones wish and Gift very normally. She didn't want to spoil others mood for her own feelings.
I had my flight at 11.00 pm, we arrived two hours before the departure .Even my in laws had arrived to send me OFF.
Exactly an hour before, I could check in. I called my wife who was crying hugging her mom.
"Pls take care, use my laptop for mail and video chat". She wept and said, "Hmmmm...I love you and will Miss you".
I presented an envelope as my gift for her bday and said, "Open It."
She had poured happiness and joy .She couldn't believe her own eyes. Yess...! "It’s her ticket to fly with me to Germany".
It’s my turn I said, "I told u I won’t leave without u. happy birthday bubbly." She hugged me with love and we had a roll of kiss.
We had a ring of claps around us in the airport. Every family member knew about my surprise except her.

All my arrangements i had been doing for the past week was just for her, not for me.

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